Adopted Twice

Fisher Family

Hi, this is Mark P. Fisher, the 5th President of Sandy Cove Ministries, located on the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay in North East, Maryland.

When I was five, my U.S. Air Force father died in a plane crash. My brother was two and my mom was pregnant. For three years I experienced fear, abandonment, loneliness. And, knowing nothing about a heavenly Father, I had no hope for the future.

Until I was adopted…twice.

The first adoption came soon after I turned eight. My mom remarried a man who wholeheartedly adopted me and my brother and sister. I now respectfully and gratefully call him dad. (BTW – that’s why the ‘P’ in my name is so important to me. It represents my birth father, whose last name was Paine).

The second adoption came when I was a rebellious teenager. I was surprised and encouraged to learn about an even greater love of a Father in heaven who ‘adopted’ me into His family.

But, as you know, adoption comes at a high price. Sacrifice. Exhaustion. Uncertainty. For that reason, we are excited to partner with some trustworthy mothers I know personally.

If you could use some rest and encouragement in a safe place with fellow adoptive moms on the same journey, please join Joy for the Journey Retreats this fall at a rest stop we call Sandy Cove.

Grace and peace,
Mark P. Fisher

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